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Eisenhower Fellowships 2024 Global Program

Eisenhower Fellowships 2024 Global Program

Eisenhower Fellowships 2024 Global Program

About Eisenhower Fellowships

Eisenhower Fellowships identifies, empowers and connects diverse, innovative leaders through a transformative fellowship experience and lifelong engagement in a global network of dynamic change agents committed to creating a world more peaceful, prosperous and just.

Eisenhower Fellowships is the world’s premier international leadership engagement organization, attracting outstanding leaders from all fields who covet our fellowship, committed supporters who want to invest in our mission, diverse and talented people who compete to join our staff and prominent like-minded organizations eager to work with us to better our societies. 

From its start as a unique birthday gift to honor America’s 34th President, to its current range of innovative programs for talented leaders from 115 countries, Eisenhower Fellowships (EF) has prepared more than 2,400 men and women to assume positions of ultimate influence in their chosen fields.

Humboldt Research Fellowship – €3,170 monthly for experienced researchers and €2,670 monthly for postdocs: all countries eligible (except Germany and Brazil)

Throughout this tumultuous decade of political assassinations, antiwar demonstrations, civil rights marches and social unrest, the seeds planted by the friends of “Ike” continue to bear fruit. Each year’s program adds two Philadelphia-based seminars where Fellows gather and share what they learn on their individualized journeys. Yearly newsletters and three international conferences with Fellows from previous years (in Geneva, Istanbul and Buenos Aires) strengthen bonds among old friends and create new connections.


After several weeks of introductory virtual sessions with EF staff from a Fellow’s home city, an intensive, interactive Opening Seminar in Philadelphia launches each fellowship. Fellows take time to know one another, share deeply about their lives and work and forge powerful personal bonds that last a lifetime. They engage in conversations of substance with prominent journalists, policy experts and other thought leaders from the worlds of government, business, civil society and the arts, then fan out across the country on their individualized fellowship travels.

After the first few weeks of their independent travel, Fellows gather for a long weekend at the Grand Canyon or another thought-inspiring locale in the American West to enjoy a much-needed break, touch base with each other and engage in a reflective retreat. Later, at the end of their travels, Fellows gather again in Philadelphia for their Closing Seminar. Here they share insights they have gained about the meaning of their fellowships, prepare their final reports about their travels and the shaping of their required projects and present their plans for implementing these concrete projects and maximizing their impact once they return home.

UNDP Regional Technical Specialist – Climate Change Adaptation: International Contract

Throughout the fellowship program, EF’s distinguished Trustees, supporters and our network of more than 350 USA Eisenhower Fellows, provide International Fellows with opportunities to engage in substantive dialogue and advance their fellowship goals.


  • Identify and select innovative, outstanding Fellows from a diverse pool of candidates and creatively provide them a transformational, hybrid in-person and virtual fellowship experience, leading to a lifetime of engagement with the EF global network.
  • Strengthen EF’s global network and deepen engagement with and among our Fellows through personal interaction and the creative use of new digital tools to drive sustainable, measurable impact across professional fields, borders and cultures.
  • Expand the number of ascendant American leaders we send overseas through existing and creative new programs and support increased engagement and collaboration between international and American Fellows and Global Scholars during and after their travel experience.
  • Maximize the impact of EF’s programs by using a creative variety of external and internal data-driven evaluations to track and measure results of the projects Fellows execute after they return home, leveraging their efforts through mentorship and engagement within the EF network and with other partners to expand our footprint.
  • Strengthen and diversify our governance, grow our endowment and creatively advance the EF brand as a diverse, dynamic, cutting-edge organization of change agents that engages with committed supporters and prominent partners to create sustained long-term impact.

Eisenhower Fellowships 2024 Global Program


In spring 2024, Eisenhower Fellowships will assemble a diverse group of visionaries from across the globe and invite them to the United States for a unique five-week program with both in-person and virtual components. Fellows will develop a project, foster professional relationships and launch dynamic, concrete collaborations with their American counterparts, their cohort and the prestigious EF network of over 2500 Fellows from 115 countries.

Fellows are selected based on their track record of leadership, their potential for future impact and their commitment to lifelong engagement with Eisenhower Fellowships to advance our mission of enhancing international understanding through dialogue to build a world more peaceful, prosperous and just.

Typically, Fellows range between 32 and 45 years of age at the time of fellowship and are highly proficient in English. We seek Fellows who have the maturity to take advantage of the unique opportunity and represent Eisenhower Fellowships, as well as draw upon this experience to catapult them forward as impactful leaders for years to come.

Applications are accepted across the globe but preference is given to candidates in countries where EF is active. If you do not reside in or have citizenship in a country where EF is currently active, you must obtain a formal nomination from a member of the EF global network in order to be eligible for the 2024 Global Program.

Click here for more information on our fellowship project guidelines. 

Questions? Email us at apply@efworld.org


Applications open June 16 – August 1, 2023.


Nominating Committees review applications.


Eisenhower Fellowships in Philadelphia vets finalists.


Candidates informed of status.


A few months before the fellowship begins, Fellows are expected to devote significant time to research, preparation and planning in consultation with the EF program team, followed by several weeks of virtual introductory and orientation sessions.


Program takes place in the United States. Exact dates to be announced. 




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